John Donne School

Cob Oven

The Brief

Demonstrating how to make cob and how to make a cob oven with primary school children.


John Donne School

The Outputs

  • Worked towards goals outlined to achieve Green Flag status.
  • Worked with appointed representatives from each year “Green Ambassadors to identify what was important about their role and how that would be achieved through the build and communicated back to their class. This enabled us to work with them to agree learning point, identify priorities and clearly identify what to report back about this project – the importance to them, to the school and to the environment.
  • Worked with the Education Officer to align our cob teaching with highlights of the curriculum.
We ran a series of workshops on cob building including:

How to make clay mortars – instead of using cement

How to make natural renders – instead of using harmful gypsum

Best practice on making cob for different construction purposes

How to harness and maximise the heat storing properties of clay by using natural and recycled insulants such as recycled bottles, straw and sawdust

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