Lauriston Primary School

Sculpted Dinosaur Waste Bench

The Brief

Working with teachers to integrate a workshop on ‘waste’ into the curriculum and produce a legacy product designed and built by the children from the waste materials they collected from home.


Lauriston Primary School

The Outcomes

Theory – 1 day:

  • Learning about waste, landfill and waste as a resource
  • Learning about clay and earth building
  • How to develop ideas into 3D models

Practical – 3 days

  • Make cob, cob bricks and super strength cob sausages – aka corbels
  • Make 3d designs for their bench ideas, a final design was chosen
  • Make bottle bricks from plastic bottles and wrappers such as old crisp packets
  • Turn plastic bottles into roof tiles
  • How to work as a design and building team
  • About dinosaurs

The Technical

  • 6 Recycled car tires
  • Coppiced Hazel rods
  • 3 tonnes of grey, brown London clay and pink clay
  • Recycled from the local pottery
  • 6 tons sand
  • 1 ton drainage gravel
  • 200 bottles for roof
  • 150 bottles for infill

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