Oasis Nature Garden

Cob Oven Build

The Brief

  • To build a cob oven with members of the community for use in their outdoor kitchen.
  • To feed the gardening volunteers in the community growing space.
  • To get the indoor staff more engaged in the growing space project.

Oasis Nature Garden

The Outputs

  • Over 16 participants came over two days; 70 % of respondents came because they build their own cob oven in their community garden or school. 15% wanted first hand experience making and working with cob because they wanted to test cob for self build.
  • The oven build was constrained by the size of the plinth – and this resulted in our smallest oven build. The client was happy because the oven would mostly be cooked in by the children. This required us to balance the thickness of the walls with the size of the internal cooking space.
  • Participants left with practice skills on how to source and test clay, how to make and build with cob how to use natural and recycled materials for insulants and how to use the oven to burn minimum wood.
  • External diameter was 1400×1000.
We ran a series of workshops on cob building including:

Making cob

Building an oven

Roof building

Clay based renders

Firing and cooking lessons

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