Surrey Docks City Farm

Sculpted Wall

The Brief

CIC was approached by Surrey Docks Farm, a working city farm in the heart of London, who wanted:

  • A sculpted wall to separate the children’s Forrest garden from the pond to prevent children falling or running into the pond
  • To create a sense of place and enclosure for the forest school, yet still see the he pond
  • To work with the children’s chosen design and a crenelated wall

Surrey Docks City Farm

The Outcomes

  • We used local materials such as animal dung for renders.
  • We taught the forest school children, young farmers, special needs groups and corporate groups low impact building techniques.
  • The build generated income for the farm, trained and engaged the various target groups

The build was to be designed as an activity for the after school club, their corporate volunteers, pupil referrals and young farmers.

The Technical

  • 1 foot deep trench was dug and filled ¾ with tampered drainage gravel.
  • Two courses of rammed earth tires were placed into the trench and pinned into the ground.
  • Atop ran 3 courses of straw bales, pinned down using hazel rods at each level. The wall was also secured with a horizontal beam running on both sides of the length of the wall and attached to the roof uprights at both ends.
  • The wall was rendered with cob and clay renders. We used cow, pony and goat manure for renders and these we mixed in a cement mixer.

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