Trellick Tower Cob Oven

The Sensory Garden

The Brief

The sensory garden is a newly developed piece of land opposite the famous Trellick Tower. Farm the City Participants learned how to:

  • Make foundations using recycled crushed concrete found onsite
  • Make clay mortars and build a brick plinth
  • Build an arch using engineering bricks
  • Identify different bricks and their uses in construction
  • Make insulating layers using recycled materials such as sawdust
  • Make cob
  • Build an oven
  • Make clay based renders
  • Sculpt using cob

Trellick Tower Farm the City

The Outcomes

The oven was sited to attract attention to the community space and whilst this was being built, we attracted residents and passers by to the area. The project saved on costs and materials by not building a full sized plinth, but setting a mini plinth into an existing structure.

The Technical:

A drainage trench was incorporated around the oven plinth made of three brick lifts to bring the plinth above ground height.

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